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  1. Dear Mr. Katz,

    I come from the same village in Unterfranken/Germany you come from (this is no joke, and don’t get frightened).
    I may exaggerate a little, but I suffered some persecution in Oberlauringen too. I have no rational explanation for the fact that I suffered much evil in Oberlauringen except the fact that I was a Catholic believer, and the other children of Oberlauringen were Protestants (of course they were believers of a very distorted Protestantism).

    Meanwhile (I was born in 1966) I have converted to true Christianity. I am now neither Catholic nor Protestant nor Evangelical but adhere to the doctrine of the Early Church. You certainly know that during the Third Reich there was a church in Germany called “Bekennende Kirche” (Confessing Church). The doctrine I adhere now is similar to the doctrine of the Confessing Church which seemingly and sadly has disappeared. Modern Germany has no more true church. Concerning that, conditions of modern Germany are worse than those of the Third Reich (except the Holocaust, of course). I want to recommend the book “The Cost of Discipleship” by Dietrich Bonhoeffer who was one of the leading pastors of the Confessing Church. If you would read Bonhoeffer’s book, you would get to know an extraordinary exploration of the Christian faith which certainly was unknown to you until now.

    I operate a website too: – it may find your interest.

    I love the Jews and the people of Israel. Please forgive me and the German people all the evil and harm we have done to you and your people.

    I know that may disturb you a little, but I hope and pray that Israel may recognize its true messiah soon. The messiah could solve all problems of the people of Israel.

    By the way, I was always very touched when I passed by the (abandoned) Jewish cemetery very close by Oberlauringen as a child. The Holocaust is such an incredible awful historical event – it is beyond human scope.

    I look forward to hear from you.

    Most kind regards,

    Rainer Braendlein/Munich


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