Another lesson from Einstein: Constructs are real

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During a lecture about Social Space I was asked: just what is Social Space?   My answer was a  bit clumsy, but not altogether wrong, namely:  When you ask physicists, what is physical space?  They would not say that it is what you ordinarily feel and touch and see.  Instead, they would point to Constructs, such as Newton’s discovery of gravitation — and its  attributes — and Einstein’s discovery of space-time — and its attributes, such as elasticity and curvature.  These are very abstract Constructs, but terribly real.  They are what physicists mean by physical space (although, to my chagrin, they call it “the universe” — when it is really about physical space).

So,  what do I mean by Social Space?  It is about Constructs that characterize Social Space.  I have suggested four of these (in my book, “Our quest for effective living: How we cope in Social Space / A window to a new science”).   Namely, Closed Moral Worlds, Linkage, Transcendence,  and The Second Path.  I don’t develop these nearly as well — and as mathematically — such as  physicists developed science about Gravitation and Relativity.  But they are an effort to get started as real science about Social Space.