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As we go about our daily life, most of us, most of the time, are reasonably confident and self-assured. And that is how we usually display ourselves to those around us. Yet that public posture can hide a dimension — a Second Path — that is quite different. That Second Path stores our daily Unmentionables — our uncertainties, fears, rage, even inappropriate honesty, and more. These Unmentionables may exist, persist, and even continue to grow in subterranean ways. They can occasionally erupt into the open, unpredictably and destructively transforming one’s life.

Examples I mention in my book – Our quest for effective living: A window to a new science  /  How we cope in Social Space –   highly successful persons committing suicide, and ostensibly powerful persons having a very vulnerable side to their person. Also,  that the Second Path can contain some of what is best in us: our uncompromising sense of decency which cannot currently be expressed.

You will recognize some similarity to the Unconscious Mind, as studied by Freud.  The Second Path differs from it in that I see it being fed from our present, ongoing life — not merely from early childhood experiences, as Freud emphasized.

Please see, also, my short E-Book: “The Second Path in our Life.”