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First, a bit of heresy:  When physicists talk about “the universe”, they are talking about one kind of universe, namely the universe of physical space. And they have developed extraordinarily successful science about what goes on in physical space.  And with it, they have shown that basic physical science can eventually pay off in very practical ways.

Yet some seventy years ago, when Watson and Crick clarified the structure of DNA, they opened up an entirely different “universe”, namely, the universe of genetic science.   And that science is now rapidly evolving, as both  basic and very practical science.

I suggest that there is still another universe.  Namely, the universe of social space — for which we don’t have a viable science.  BUT IT IS  WITHIN  SOCIAL SPACE WHERE LIFE IS ACTUALLY LIVED — BY US AS INDIVIDUALS AND BY OUR HUMAN SPECIES.  As individuals:  From the moment of our birth to our last breath, we must cope with the fact that we exist in social  space — which can both nurture and threaten us.  As the human species: Its very survival is in danger — it may become extinct — because we commit gross blunders within social  space, such as killing off over 100 million of our fellow-human beings during the past century, repeated genocides,  nuclear weaponry, global warming, to mention just a few. I repeat, we lack a viable science about social space that might, eventually, give us real control of life in social space.

In response, I have tried to jump-start basic science about social space.  It resulted in the book, “Our Quest for Effective Living: How we Cope in Social Space /  A Window to a New Science” — published by AuthorHouse and also available from Amazon.  A revised edition, titled LIVING IN SOCIAL SPACE, will be available in the year 2017.


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