The appeal of Isis: Access to the Ultimate

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Amid coping in our daily life we  sometimes experience a vague sense of something larger than ourselves that bears on our life, a glimpse of some sort of an Ultimate Reality.

On occasion an Ultimate Reality becomes compellingly real.  And, most compellingly, comes the conviction that we actually have ACCESS to that Ultimate Reality — that we are, right now,  really connected to the Ultimate!  We thereby transcend  all the shortcomings, all the failings, all the pain of the present, while living in, and for a far higher purpose.  The Ultimate is here, with us.  Our own, personal ACCESS TO THE ULTIMATE is the greatest gift we can imagine.

This is the appeal of Isis: It offers access to the Ultimate.  In my book “Our quest for effective living: How we cope in Social Space” I cite other examples of circumstances where people are convinced that access to the Ultimate actually happens — that, thereby, they have received the greatest gift.