My book, IMMEDIACY: OUR WAYS OF COPING IN EVERYDAY LIFE, begins with the statement that from the moment of our birth every single one of us must cope with the world around oneself.  The book ends with the statement that I believe I have shown that our coping behaviors are not random flailing.  They contain distinct patterns of orderliness.  Five of these were explored in the book which, together, form an emerging paradigm for understanding our coping behavior in immediate circumstances.

I invite you to check this  out by reading the book.  My purpose is not only that I’d like you to read my book. Yes, it is that.  But I also hope that some of you might continue this line of work, and go beyond what I  — an 88 year old — have attempted to do.   I, too, am trying to go further.   I do so in a forthcoming book, LIVING IN SOCIAL SPACE : A WINDOW TO A NEW SCIENCE (expected to be ready  in 2017).


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