Science is adventure of the mind

Basic science, medical science, mind's adventure, observing nature

From the cover of my “Our quest for effective living” book: SCIENCE IS MORE THAN OBSERVATION OF WHAT EXISTS IN NATURE.  SCIENCE IS ADVENTURE OF THE MIND.  IT TOOK MANY CREATIVE LEAPS OF THE MIND TO PRODUCE MODERN PHYSICS AND GENETIC BIOLOGY. THIS BOOK OFFERS CREATIVE LEAPS TO HELP US UNDERSTAND THE SOCIAL SPACE IN WHICH WE LIVE OUR LIVES.  READ AND JOIN THE ADVENTURE.  We can learn  much from the medical sciences. Their successes during the past century  — such as the conquest of polio, and so many other diseases which medical science has eliminated or, at least, keep from ruining lives — are truly staggering. Behind these successes is that medical scientists discovered a number of basic phenomena – such as the workings of bacteria, the structure of DNA, the operation of neurotransmitters — which underlie much of disease and, even, ordinary healthy functioning of our minds and bodies. These discoveries required more than observation of what exists in nature. They required — as the physicist Henry Margenau taught us — taking a chance on mental leaps that explain observations. I am convinced we can, similarly, discover basic phenomena if we take a cool look at ingredients of what I am calling the Social Space in which we humans operate.   I take leaps into that space in my book, “Our quest for effective living: How we cope in Social Space / A window to a new science.”