species extinction

Is it really?

I can think of an even worse malady: Our human species may be lurching to extinction.

We are doing it through our own actions.

  • During the past century we managed to produce over 100 million violent deaths of our fellow-human beings.
  • We created weapons of mass destruction — nuclear weapons — that can destroy entire cities in an instant.  During the Second World War we did practice runs by actually firebombing and dropping atomic bombs on cities. Since that war, “with the creation of the hydrogen bomb … radioactive poisoning of the atmosphere, and hence annihilation of life on earth, has been brought within the range of technical possibilities”… Albert Einstein.
  • We create severe damage to the environment, and ignore its dangers.
  • We resort to warfare as a major problem solver — and have built huge inventories of weapons, whose manufacturers — and politicians indebted to them — yearn to have them used.

The solution:  As in the case of Cancer — we need better science.   We humans exist in Social Space.  Yet our sciences about that Social Space are about as sophisticated as physics was a thousand years ago.  We desperately need a viable science about Social Space. In my own small way I have tried to jump-start such a science — in my book OUR QUEST FOR EFFECTIVE LIVING and in this Blog:  Fred Emil Katz, livinginsocialspace.wordpress