There is more than one Universe!

new science, social space, Watson and Crick

I. –Physicists speak about studying “the universe,” as though there is only one universe. Yes, they have developed astonishingly successful science. But is there really only one universe?

II. –In the last century, since Watson and Crick clarified the structure of DNA, genetic science has exploded into an increasingly powerful science, yielding profound new insight about biology and disease. This suggests that they opened up science about quite another universe: the universe of genetic space.

III. –This also suggests that physics is really about the study and understanding of ONE KIND of universe: the universe of physical space. And genetics is about another kind of universe, the universe of genetic space.

IV. –I suggest that there is yet another universe, the universe of Social Space. So far, we don’t have a science about Social Space that is anywhere nearly as well developed as physics and genetics. My recent book takes a stab at fostering science about Social Space. Its title is “Our quest for effective living: How we cope in Social Space / A window to a new science.” I’ll say more about this book in future posts on this blog. And my website — — also gives more information about that book.