Fred Emil Katz is a sociologist; a Holocaust survivor, whose parents and older brother were murdered; a veteran, who served in the U. S. Army; worked as a laborer in factories for six years; became a professor, who taught at universities in three countries, and published seven books.
 In later blogs I’ll describe each of the four books. But first, here is what they have in common: They all start from my conviction that we can only really understand mass horrors, such as genocide, if we recognize how they grow out of very mundane, ordinary — yes, “banal” — human social behavior. The first two books — “Ordinary People and Extraordinary Evil: A Report on the Beguiling of Evil” and “Confronting Evil: Two journeys” — apply this to an analysis of the Holocaust. The last two books — “Immediacy: How our world confronts us & How we confront our world” and “Our quest for effective living: A window to a new science / How we cope in Social Space” — takes this further by trying to jump start a science of Human Living in Social Space.
 My most recent book — “Our Quest for Effective Living: A Window to a New Science / How we Cope in Social Space “– is explained on the website:
 In these blogs I have shared some of my sense of excitement about getting to know the nature of the Social Space we humans inhabit. I hope that you, the reader, will share some of that sense of excitement while you look at these blogs.

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