• First, when you talk about your great new insight

—Your friends:  Will quietly shake their heads. Think you are a nice person, but you have finally lost contact with reality;

—Your colleagues:  Will ignore you; won’t listen to you;

—Publishers:  Will reject your writings.

  • Next, if you persist and continue to talk about your new insight:

—Your colleagues will tell you:  “This is not new.  It has been said and done before. Have you read Shpringelhoff?  He said the same thing you are now saying, only he did it years ago.  Actually, he went further than you did.  You really need to check out Shpringelhoff!”

  • You, who have devoted the past ten years of your life to this project, which has finally come to fruition, producing new understanding and insights — now encounters this “Shpringelhoff” guy, your colleagues mention to you.  You have never heard of him.  This destroyer of your life’s work. It crushes you.
  • My advice to you:

—Before you commit suicide  — since everything you have worked for has come crashing down:

—Wait a day or two;  have a nice meal; go for a quiet walk; make love —- just hold off on suicide for a while.

—Then: Check on Shpringelhoff  —-  I assure you, you will find that Shpringelhoff’s work is nothing at all like yours.  No similarity at all.  Your colleagues, who almost scared you into suicide, did not understand what you are talking about.  They listened to you but did not hear you.  They are simply  locked into their own outlook, their own mindset, their own protection against anyone who thinks differently.  It is their problem, not yours.

Am I speaking from personal experience? Although I have published seven books (including books published by Random House, a university press and self-published ones), I could cover a wall with rejection notices.  How many of you have read, or even looked at my self-published book, OUR QUEST FOR EFFECTIVE LIVING?






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