Immediacy, social psychology, sociology

“We humans expect.

We humans remember.

We humans think.

We humans believe.

—-What do these mental processes have in common?

They manipulate our personal and social space.

They bring into that space things from the past, things from the  future, things from adjacent and distant places.

They establish links and, through them, create our immediate reality for us.

—-These links are guests that shape our everyday life. How do they behave when they arrive here?  They make imprints upon our social existence from the world around us.”*

*(From the Introduction to the chapter on Links in the book  “Our quest for effective living: How we cope in Social Space / A window to a new science” where I put some flesh on these bare bones, such as sexual links to non-sexual commercial transactions, links that come along with us when we visit our doctor, and when we are entranced while watching an opera, to name just a few. Also,  different types of links are identified and demonstrated — dormant ones and active ones, loud ones and silent ones. And most especially, that links give meaning to what we experience, to how a situation is understood because it is seen as relevant to other parts of our life.)

Also see my short E-Book, “Links: They give meaning to our Lives”.


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